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Final Reflection

Just a little entertainment ;D

I have compared and contrast both my earliest post, Dead Space, and latest post Spiderman: Shattered Dimension. I can over the semester my writing has a gotten a lot better. In the beginning of the semester, I had felt that my writing has really dulled over the past couple of years, so I expected my writing to be pretty dull. In addition, I was pretty nervous and did not really know what I was doing when writing my first blog post. I tried to make my post to be entertaining as a possible, by putting the readers in a freakishly creepy scenario.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is one of the many nursery rhymes that I learned when I was a child. But I’m not here to talk about nursery rhymes or how much fun I had when I child. No! What I’m here to talk about is about space, the vastness, the emptiness, the unknown entities that reside within the darkness… Then a familiar sound is heard within that darkness, twinkle twinkle little star…how I wonder what you are…a presence can felt watching you in the corners of the room and the music suddenly stops…a human size creature stands right behind you with its claws held high above your heard and starts screaming at you with an unbearable sound. You try to run a fast as you can but it is faster. It catches you and lunges its claws at you and pretty mutilates your body into a sack of meat. Well that’s just Dead Space!

The way that I saw it, was that if I am writing about a scary game, then I should make my readers feel the theme.  In a way it is kind of like a very graphical passage from an old fairy tale or novel, which my creative writing teacher made us read over the semester. I have also noticed that in my earlier post, my organization is really messy. I sort of went and talked about topics according to the game that came into my mind at that moment. In addition to my disorganization, my writing was not focused and I tend write about the games summary most of the time.

One comments from one my colleagues, asked why I named my title Twinkle Twinkly Little Star. The reason that I titled my post that way was to make it fit the theme, and not to reveal what the topic of the post is going to be about. I find interesting titles to be very entertaining, and I wanted to share that feeling with the readers. I guess it sort of backfired, since it confused my audience. I guess I sort of expected the readers to get the reason of why I had put it the way I did.

In comparison to my latest post, there are some certain things have changed compared to my earlier post. My posts in my latest post, Spiderman: Shattered Dimension is more concise and focused compared to my earlier posts. Instead of a complete mess of wall text, I tried to make each my paragraphs to contain a specific idea that relates to my topic. In other words I try to my opinions of the game, and what I found to be interesting. Unlike my other post, I try to pick a specific part of the game ( i.e. game play, theme, and storyline), rather than talking about the whole thing in general. I have also learned to compress my summary of games, and not focus on it too much.

Compared to earlier in the semester, I know who my target audience is and what I am trying to show. The problem with my style of writing is that sometimes it can get out of hand, and I end up with a massive wall of text that may seems sort of repetitive or tedious; But now I think I have a handle of that problem. I am glad that I am able to write in a more compact and concise way and I have better understanding of what information to add or take out.

In conclusion, I have to say that blogging was something new to me and I had expected it to be almost like a self journal. I was wrong. Before I would just write whatever comes to mind, but now, I have to think about what information I should put in. I do not over think, until my brain pops, but rather so that my post does not just contain wall of useless information. The only thing that I disliked about the blogging was the time it takes to type a good post ,or when I have a mind block and I have no idea what to write about.

I do feel that I am more confident as a writer now, after taking this class. Blogging has definitely helped my polish my writing skills. I believe that writing almost every week was a definitely a good exercise in improving ones writing skills. Rhetorically analyzing essays were also a great help because it makes the reader think out of the box and trying to interpret what the author is trying to write about. I had a lot of fun in this class, and hopefully I will keep this blog up to date. I cannot guarantee that I will be putting up posts up every week though. Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Alright, so this is the last post for class; although I may continue blogging on this blog later on in the future.  Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was definitely something unexpected, and with no pun intended, AMAZING. So before anything, here is the plot:

The story revolves around 4 different Spider-Mans, in 4 different dimensions: Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and Symbiote-bonded Ultimate Spider-Man. The story begins with the Amazing Spider-Man (who I will now refer to as Spider-man) chases Mysterio because he was trying to steak an artifact, also known as the “Tablet of Order and Chaos”. Before Mysterio could absorb the powers of the tablet; Spider-man and Mysterio shattered the tablet into pieces during the heat of battle. This caused a rip in space and time, and pieces of the tablet were transported into different dimensions. Madame Web contacts the 4 Spider-Mans , of whom each of their dimensions contains pieces of the tablet; she tells them that they have to collect all the missing pieces and put the tablet back together. If the tablet was not put together soon, every dimension in the world will clash, creating a catastrophic…basically the universe will explode or something close to that. While the Spider-Mans are wrangling all the tablet pieces, Mysterio, secretly harnesses whatever power was left of the remaining tablet. When all the tablet pieces are assembled Mysterio abuses the Spider-Man, to collect the rest of the power, making him into a God like being. Mysterio creates a giant rip in time and tries to merge all the dimensions together, so that he could rule it. Well, not if the four Spider-Mans have say in it; the four heroes work together to bring down the chrome-dome and safe the universe.


The game is pretty amazing, and a definitely must buy, if you are a Spidey-fan. When this game came out, I did not really know what to expect. I kind of bought this game out of instinct, and the fact that the cover looks pretty cool. I also found the concept of playing 4 different Spider-Mans to be pretty interesting. When I started playing to game, I did not know what to expect; the only Spider-Man game that I have ever played were the ones based off the movies or the SNES (Super Nintendo) games. But, when I started playing the game, I found it to be like one of those arcade beat’em ups; although later on I found that each Spider-man has their own unique fighting style.

Amazing Spider-Man fights like the traditional Spider-Man, which consists of the use of


acrobatics and webbing. Spider-Man Noir’s style was something I did not expect at all. Noir does not confront the enemy and beats him into a pulp, like the other Spider-Mans, but stealth around and takes-down his targets quick and viciously, like a trap-door spider. Spider-Man 2099 fights with his high-tech gear and speed, and he can free-fall and glide to safety. Symbiote-bonded ultimate Spider-Man is a bit slow, but can take in and deal massive damage.

The themes and universe in each Spider-Man is pretty cool too. Amazing and Ultimate takes place in NYC, although in Ultimates levels, you do not really see NYC as much as in Amazing’s world. Noir takes place in 30s-40s NYC, and gives off a dark eerie theme, like Gotham City from Batman. In 2099 Spider-Mans universe, well its 2099 NYC of course, but its cool to see all the “future stuff”.

I really like how the producers made eachSpider-Mans fighting style really unique, it definitely keeps the game fresh and interesting; although there are certain times where it can get a bit repetitive. The story is really simple and easy to flow, and not to mention really interesting. The graphics are really nice, kind of like comic book graphics, which makes the players a feel like they are in the Marvel Universe. So in closing, this game is pretty cool, and as I stated before, if you really like Spider-Man or Marvel in general, give this game a try.



Assassin’s Creed II

Okay, you guys are probably wondering why I did not start with Assassin’s Creed I, right ? Well, I have not played one, and I heard that II was a lot better. Before I get to the plot here are somethings you should know if have no information about the first game. An ordinary man named Desmond was kidnapped, and was enrolled into an experiment. The experiment used a machine known as the Animus, that takes the user back into one of his or her ancestors pasts. The people who kidnapped Desmond are known as templars, an organization who’s goals are to dominate the world with an iron fist. The opposition faction are known as the assassins, who try to stop the templars plans. The items that both factions are trying to find are ancient artifacts, that contain various of powers such as mind controlling or the knowledge of the past and future.  One of these artifacts is pretty well known through religious history, as the Apple of Eden. Desmond does not know that he came from a bloodline of Assassin’s, and that one of his ancestors, Altair, was the one of the greatest assassin’s that ever lived. The templers wanted Desmond to live through Altair’s life, so that they could discover where the ancient artifacts were located. The templars succeed in finding the map through the memories, but at the start of Assassin’s Creed II, Desmond was rescued by a small group of Assassins.

Apple of Eden



In Assassin’s Creed II, Desmond is brought into a hide out with members affiliated with the Assassins: Lucy, Shaun, and Rebecca. They convinced Desmond to fight with the Assassins and to stop the Templars evil plan to control the earth. In order to train Desmond they send him back to relive another of his ancestor’s lives, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who was known for his impeccable assassin skills, and is as famous as Altair. The story takes place within 15th century ( I think) and around the cities of Italy, like Venice. The story begins with Ezio discovering that he comes a line of assassins, like Desmond, and discovers that the templars had killed his family for intervening with their plans. But all was not lost, as Desmond quickly rounds up his sister and mother to go in hiding in their uncle’s villa. Ezio vows to avenge his father and brothers deaths, and goes into training as an assassin. As the story goes on Ezio does avenge his family, but discovers more in process, such as a templar planning to become pope. He also discovers the location of the apple of eden, and that the templars also had discovered one of the ancient relics. Ezio of course puts a stop to all the templar plans, and discovered that the templar that became a pope was trying to open a secret chamber located within the church. Ezio opens the doors and discovers that there was a message left by the ancients for Desmond, at the same time Ezio was confused at who they were talking too. The story ends with the assassin’s hideout being discovered, and Desmond, for the first time fights against some templar cronies with the skills he had learned from Ezio. The story closes as the assassin groups flees to another hideout.


So ever had a thought if assassin’s really existed, or if templars were actually more than knights ? Assassin’s Creed plot gives me a lot of ideas that may more may not seem plausible. I like how the creators incorporated religious tales within the games, such as the Apple of Eden. What I found to be really interesting about this in-game object was that the apple actually contained knowledge or both past and future. In addition with the knowledge of knowing everything, the apple also gives the user the power to conjure real body illusions. From the takes of the beginning, religious wise, God was the one who made the world and the universe. In Assassin’sCreed there were 3 powerful beings: Juno, Minerva, and Jupiter; they have the name of Greek/Roman Gods. I found this to be very interesting because having three Gods sort of supports the holy trinity idea from Christian belief.

The plot of the story was really interesting, especially the timeline; the story took place in Italy, but during the renaissance time. It was pretty cool seeing at the mask the game designers had made from the npcs to wear. This may sound weird, but this game has sort of made me want to go to explore Italy.haha. In the game you can climb tall skyscraper like builds and view the whole city from the top. The scene is pretty nice, and makes me feel like I am really there.

The gameplay mechanic is really fluid, although I had some issues with the auto climbing and jumping toward objects necessarily; I would sometimes like to jump over the walls, but instead I start hanging on them. The fighting mechanic is nice and very smooth, like parrying swords with the guards and then stabbing him through the chest; or jumping off a building executing them without their knowledge. Then there is a classical hiding in a crowd and shooting your target without a gun or poison knife. There are just so many ways to kill your target; the challenge is to avoid detection.

Overall the game is really nice and pretty long for a platformer/action/sand-box (free-world). The story itself is interesting and references to historical  events/figures is educational in a way. One of the figures that Ezio meets on his journeys is, Leonardo Da Vinci, and what is surprising is that the player can take schematics for weapons or scriptures for Leonardo to decipher and make, like the gun. I really recommend this game to anyone because it is just amazing.



First thought: Anyone excited about a new/remake of HunterxHunter ? Well I am, and I am pretty interested in what changes there will be in the anime. Before we get started, I am going to explain the plot for those who are new to HunterxHunter.

The story revolves around a boy named Gon, who was a child that was abandoned by his father at a young age. Gon was raised by relatives, and often played in  the wilderness of the town. His father, Ging, left his son and town in order to pursue his dream as a hunter. Hunter, defined by, is a person who searches for or seeks something. In terms of the anime that is exactly what it means: (subject) hunter; the combination is limitless. Hunters have the capability to do anything, and are highly respected. In order to become a hunter, the person must pass the hunter exam, which only occurs once a year. The exam tests one’s knowledge and physical capabilities, and is so tedious, that death is possible during the process. Gon wanted to know why his father had left him in order to become a hunter, so he decides to become hunter himself. Along his adventure, he meets and becomes friends with several people such as, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika.

Kurapika (left), Gon (middle), Killua (right), Leorio (back)

HunterxHunter was an anime from the past, which aired around 1998 and stopped around 2001. The show consisted of 62 episodes and 30 OVAs (Original Video Animation). The newest remake has 7 episodes out. The manga itself is still ongoing, after a period of absence.  The writer and illustrator, Yoshihiro Togashi, was ill and was unable to write for a long period, but as he got better he continued the series.

HunterxHunter is probably one of my favorite series, and probably one of the most open world stories ever. I find that the series can be related to One Piece, another action adventure anime but with pirates. What I really mean is that the worlds in both anime are so vast and epic, which sort of reminds me of the Odyssey. I mean who does not like an epic story? Like a Greek story, HunterxHunter includes the use of super powers and inhuman abilities, such as leaping 10 feet into the air. There is only one word that can describe it: awesome.

I was really surprised that the producers remade HunterxHunter. In beginning I thought they had decided to continue on from where the anime had left off. Coincidentally I sort of wanted to rewatch the series–haha. I am hoping that the series is going to be based off the manga, but I cannot really tell because I have yet to read it. What I have heard from my friend though, is that the older one had lots of fillers. I have also compared the original 1998 with the new 2011, and found the plot is moving faster in the newer one.

From what I have seen from the new remake, I like. The illustrations are so beautiful, and the crisp and clarity of HD is very pleasing to the eyes. The seiyuus or voices actors have completely changed, although in my opinion I found the new voices to be fine. I would say that fans of new or old would really enjoy the remake of HunterxHunter.

Tiger & Bunny

Yay!!! It’s time for my second anime post haha…anyways…

Interesting title, yes? I mean, I would have expected something completely different, but a superhero anime made in japan. Hey! Isn’t that for the U.S. to do? hmm? just kidding. The plot for Tiger and Bunny is what it takes to be a hero including the development of friendship and life issues that heroes have.

The setting of the story takes place in a city called Sternbild, which is supposedly modeled after the modern New York City. Interestingly the time is set at NC, which I am guessing is Next Century, but I could be wrong. Those who are interested, here is a timeline. The story revolves around eight heroes or NEXT, but the two main ones are Wild Tiger (Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) and Barnaby Brooks Jr. aka Bunny. Kotetsu is one of the oldest heroes around Sterbild City and Barnaby is pretty much a prodigy child off superhero school;  together they make the first superhero tag team in NEXT history.

Basically Heroes work to earn wealth and glory. What I mean is, being a superhero is like being an athlete competing against one another to earn points, until one becomes MVP; not to mention, they have their own reality TV series, Hero TV. Unlike the other heroes that compete for glory and wealth, Wild Tiger still fights for the people and their city. Oh. And if you have not noticed from the trailer, all the heroes are wearing logos in which they sponsor. Back to the plot…

Tiger teaches Barnaby Jr. the ropes of being a superhero, but like the other heroes he prefers to gain points and publicity by saving/arresting people with style. Another reason that they became partners was because they both have the same power, Hundred Power. As the story goes on, both characters start to understand one another and become a real team. However, during their times of name calling: Kotetsu was known as the old guy, Kotetsu’s nick named Barnaby as Bunny. Though Barnaby does not appreciate the name, he does use his legs in combat and hopping for travel more than he notices. Other than developing a partnership with each other, the two heroes also interact with the other six NEXT. So as the story goes on, basically a superhero kind of plot, where there is no plot; other than the development of  relationships and problems that life throws at you. And the true meaning of being a hero.


Wild Tiger/Kotetsu

Barnaby Brooks Jr. aka Bunny

I actually did not find out about this anime till during Fanime of 2011 this year. Haha. It was actually during a panel about collecting figurines  and the guy was talking about the upcoming Tiger figure. For some reason the way he explained it, I thought it was some sort of giant super robot hero and a girl named Bunny. I was totally off. I found its logo to be pretty…uhh…simple ? I guess you could call it simple. But the anime itself is not simple at all. The artwork and graphics of the anime are completely different from other ones. The same graphics can be scene from Karas (which is another great anime if you have time to watch it, I think its 3 OVAs 45 mins each). I do like the clothing design for each hero especially since most of them look like mechas, except Blue Rose, Dragon Kid, and Fire Emblem.

See! Isn't it misleading ?

Other than the all seriousness of life problems and relationships, the anime also offers comical relief and ridiculous ideas/behaviors. I guess one of them is the professor that speaks so soft that no one is able to hear him, but when he uses a microphone, it’s like someone clawing on chalk board screaming at you. I also found Kotetsu and Barnaby’s power to be pretty interesting because it is pretty unique in itself, Hundred Power. In my opinion it’s like a reinforcement power that only last for five minutes; it reminds me of Sonic games and when he goes Super with a time limit. Other than gaining super strength and defensive abilities, Tiger is also able to regenerate cells at a very quick rate.

I would actually recommend watching this anime just because it is a little different from the regular stuff that is being showed right now. And also because it about superheroes, I mean c’mon, I am sure if you watch the first two episodes you will want to watch more ;).

Also in relation to the anime, What do you think it takes to be a hero ?

Now that I think about it, the partnership reminds me of Megaman X and Zero, but it could be Bunny’s color pink.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is the second installment of Rocksteady‘s batman series. This game came out pretty recently, like October 18, 2011.


The story like the first game is pretty linear, though the ending was pretty surprising and I did not see it coming. The story starts off with Bruce Wayne attending a conference outside Arkham City and arguing that the city should be torn down, and all the prisoners be brought back to Arkham Island, where a new asylum should be built. [Arkham City is basically like a “free asylum” in the middle of Gotham City, run by the prisoners the Joker, Two-face, and Penguin. And the one that is charge of all of them is Hugo Strange and his elite squad.] Bruce was kidnapped by Strange and his men during the conference and was sent into a prison in Arkham City. Bruce broke free and called Alfred to ship over his “tools”, Batman suit of course! After Bruce’s escape Strange activates protocol 10, which is an unknown action in the beginning of the game. In order to find out what was going on Batman tries to find Catwoman, who is begin held hostage and was going to executed by Two-face. Batman saves her, but she does not know what the protocol was about, but she tells him that Hugo Strange was only able to become the head of the city if he had help, she suggested Batman to pay a visit to Joker.

When Batman goes to see Joker, there was a surprise attack on the hero. When he wakes up Joker has injected his own poisonous blood into Batman. [In the first game Joker injected himself with a crap load of Titan to make himself like Bane, but after Batman had beaten him, Joker is slowly dying because of the poisonous aftereffects from Titan.] Joker tells Batman he had Freeze on working a antidote for him. But when Batman tries find Freeze, he finds out that he was kidnapped by the Penguin. So he goes and saves Freeze and beats up Penguin. Batman, slowly dying from the poison, asks Freeze for the antidote, but Freeze tells him that there was a missing item, a special type of blood. Well Batman can think only one person with this special blood, Ra’s al Ghul, the immortal man. Well Batman does find him, but Ghul was not going to give up his blood willing so they fight and Batman wins with a sample of Ghul’s blood. He returns to Freeze and he makes the antidote, but locks it away immediately after completion. The reason…well apparently Freeze was only working for Joker because he had kidnapped his wife, Nora. But Batman threatens him to not mess with him right now ( the poison is seriously killing him at this point). So they fight and Batman wins and tries to get the antidote out of the lock, but Harley Quinn had take it, while the two were fighting. Before Batman leaves in pursuit he tells Freeze that he will try to find his wife (side-quest and yes he finds her).

When pursuing Harley back into Joker’s hide out, Batman was yet again ambushed, but he was prepared this time. After the fight Batman tries to get Joker, but he was fake and was knocked out by the real one. At that point when Batman was about to die! Until Talia al Ghul steps in and tells Joker to not kill hims and she will show him how to become immortal (at this point I have no idea why Joker did not drink the antidote). As Joker is lead by Talia, Batman goes into pursuit but a missile hits Arkham City. Apparently protocol 10 was Stranges way of cleaning up Gotham City of its criminals by killing them all, but most of the prisoners were political prisoners. Batman was in conflict whether to go after Talia or save 100s of people. Of course he goes after Talia, just kidding haha, he goes after Strange. He stops Strange, but finds out that Joker was not the one that had him achieve his seat as head of Arkham City, but Ra’s al Ghul and other higher top men. Ghul stabs Strange and tells him that it is all over, but before Strange dies he self-destructs the whole building. Batman tries to save the falling Ghul, but Ghul instead tries to kill Batman, so Ghul dies falling into a giant pike on top of a gate.

Batman pursues Talia and Joker, to only to find out Joker has kidnapped her after she had lied to him. Batman tries to save her, but she did not need saving and shoots Joker in the back, and he dies…that is until the real Joker shoots her in the back and kills her. Before Batman could get to the real Joker the dead one comes back to life and turns out to be Clayface. So a battle ensues and Batman comes out victorious and as it turns out Clayface had the antidote (that’s why he didn’t drink it). Well batman takes in the medicine, only to later on get stabbed by Joker. But at that moment the rest of the antidote fell into the ground, lost forever. The Joker now dying and at his last breath mocks Batman. But Batman counters “Out of all the things that you have done, I still would have given you the antidote”. The Joker laughs finding that hilarious because it was true, and laughs his last. At the end Batman comes out of the city carrying the Joker in his hands and lays him on top of Commissioner Gordons police car. And dissappears into the night…

The ending in my opinion WHOLLY CRAP, so unexpected. Anyways the story is typical super hero story, though I did find it kind of insane and ludicrous that Gotham would actually build a city for villains. Seriously! What the *bleep* But overall it was a really good plot, and I enjoyed all of the characters. My favorite has to be Mr. Freeze, his suit looks freaking amazing. Rocksteady’s interpretation of each villain was on the spot and the clothing/character designs are pretty awesome.

The theme was very dark and all events occurred at night time. I am guessing that this whole entire even actually took a whole day, even though it seemed like days. I really liked the improved graphs, everything runs so smooth and nice :). And the whole aspect of this game occurring in a “city” instead of a island was a really big plus. The reason being is that in the asylum there were so little places to explore, while in this game there is so much space. There was also a lot of room for batman to glide and even dive in. The coolest  thing I believe they added into the series was the playability of Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin. I was going crazy when I heard about this. Sadly to say though Nightwing and Robin are only playable in the challenge maps/mini games. But as for Catwoman you get to play her side of the story in the game, though it only consisted for 5 chapters which were really really really short in my opinion. But I loved playing as her because of her immense speed. Not to mention her costume is freaking awesome haha. Here is a trailer:

The battle system was exactly the same as the first one with some tweaks to it. To start off it seemed like the fluidisty (if that is even a word) was very smooth, especially when you are fighting against 6 guys. The new thing was the stunning of the cape and then raipidly punching the guy into submission, which in my opinion was really cool haha. I am thankful that there was not a lot of those guys with a stun baton because you could not hit them head on, but leaping over them and then attacking from the back. But instead of having a load of stun baton guys there were a lot of guys wearing armor, which can only be take down by stunning and rapid punching. And there were a lot of guys with guns too. Remember Batman is not invulnerable, so in order to escape from gun men a smoke bomb is necessary, unless you hit them very quickly.

All in all Batman Arkham City was a superb game that can be called Arkham Asylum’s predecessor.

Self-Reflection 2

Well to start off, I guess my blog is pretty nice and long posts, some of them more than 600 words. When I started writing this blog I was not really sure what to do until later on. And it is looking pretty good. It has been awhile since I actually had to write this much, and not to mention it was really sloppy in my perspective. So I guess I could say that I am pretty much warmed up and ready to type some more. I believe that my blogging/writing so far is not my best, but I am starting to get use to writing at least 600 words a week. From what I noticed from my blogs is that my writing seems to get better and more focused. I try to summarize the plots more shortly, but I want to make sure the story makes sense to the readers. I think I like to do the same thing I am already doing, but with a more shorter summary and more of my thoughts. I also think that for the rest of the semester I will try to blog more anime and try to balance it out with the games. I feel that after blogging about games and anime for awhile I tend to find hidden meanings on what they represent. I mean every book and even movies have a hidden meaning behind them, like the matrix has some religious symbolism and the meaning of fiction vs reality. And the whole color theme of the movie was mainly green. Every scene that was in the matrix was tinted green.

I guess if I were to give another person who was about to start blogging is that he/she should pick a topic that interests him/her.  If he/she is having trouble in picking a topic, I would suggest flipping a coin or rethink how much he/she can type about each topic. I kind of felt weird that I blogging to the public at first, but later on it started to feel normal. It felt weird because I knew people are going to read my post and they are going to post comments on it. I guess it is pretty nerve wracking when people are reading your stuff and if they are judging you. I guess a bit paranoid. The comments that I received are pretty helpful especially if i had made any grammatical errors. It was nice hear that the videos were helpful. I thought they would provide a brief informative moment for the readers for what I  am going to blog about.

Throughout the semester so far we have read many essays from “The Best American Essays of the Century”, and I have to say the most interesting one so far in my opinion was Okinawa essay by William Manchester. I found it interesting because it is a war tale and he likes to illustrate the events that he had witnessed. He pulls the readers away from the fictional world of “war” into the real world of war. Games especially like Call of Duty, reiterates the events of war but in very less frightening way. War is not something where you can waltz in a enemy territory and kick all the enemies asses. And if you lose there is no reset button. It is more serious and frightening than any of us can imagine, though I have to mention that first person shooter games are good for training reflexes, both eyes and hands. I find that the students choosing the region, rather than the teacher/professor a pretty good idea. The reason being is that it is kind of like blogging where we the writers get to write about what interests us. What I think we benefit from this decision is that we the student get to learn from one another, and it helps with talking publicly. The main problem is if the class kind of stays quiet or if we run out of things to discuss. As for the grammar presentations we had so far I believe the most helpful one is probably the conjunctions or paraphrasing. The least helpful to me was probably the run-on sentences since it was kind of a review. Maybe it would be interesting to learn about the different types of essays like pathos, logos, and ethos. So far in the semester this class has been pretty entertaining and informative.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Sorry I could not find a better trailer. Anyways, Batman: Arkham Asylum has been out for quite a long while, but is still a pretty amazing game. It is about two years. The plot is pretty simple like any other of batman’s movies or cartoon episodes. There is a villain and there is Batman , and he goes and stops the villain’s evil plan to take over to the city and what not. That’s it. Well for a more detailed plot….Batman has just suppressed Joker and is bringing him directly to Arkham Asylum. When he gets there the Joker had already setup a trap for him, locking down the Asylum and kidnapping the chief of Commissioner Gordon. With Oracle as the back up tech support, Batman traverse around Arkham Island which is where the asylum is located. As the story moves along Batman saves Gordon from Harley Quinn, but meets up with an interesting event. Joker apparently had somehow harvested Bane’s super venom formula and is put some of it into a syringe and injected into his minion, i.e. super brute. Well Batman beats the crap out of like any hero would do. Now Batman has to find out what is going on so goes and finds Bane, who at the moment had no venom and looked like he was dying. Well apparently one of the Doctors, Dr. Young, was working on a formula to make banes venom more stronger and stable, Titan. Batman soon realizes that if Joker got his hands on enough Titan formula, Arkham is finished. Well he can’t let that happen now can he. When the story progresses to stop Joker Batman meets up some of his old buddies, such as Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Zsasz. Batman also had to save the warden who was also kidnapped by the Joker, but was held by non other Harley Quinn. After defeating Quinn, something was going on outside. Giant plants start popping out of the ground and exploding flowers started growing out of no where. Well Batman decides to go pay a visit to Ms. Ivy, who apparently is now affected by the Titan, but still had enough sanity to tell Batman that there is a cure to reverse the serums effects. There is a plant that grows  in Killer Croc’s Cell or Lair ( because he roams freely down there). Batman gets the plant and creates a antidote in his Batcave on Arkham Island. He only had enough time to create one dose because Ivy’s plants were destroying the cave. He cures Ivy and finally confronts the Joker. And as usual the Joker had a plan already setup to fight Batman, which was injecting himself with crap load of Titan serum. Still Batman beats him to a bloody pulp, seriously. Arkham is again safe until, a radio call for back comes in about Two-Face robbing a bank…

Pretty typical story plot, but that is what makes it so good. So Batman the games actually were very terrible, very…no words to describe it. This was pretty much known as the Batman Curse. But apparently some geniuses from Rocksteady Studio decided to make a Batman game of there own, and well it rock’d, hard! The game itself was new to them, they wanted to try something new with Batman and it works. Also the fact that know one saw this game coming or at least I did not. Anyways the presentation of the game is really nice, though the exploration is pretty limited because…well you are on a island. The whole theme is pretty dark especially when inside the buildings. Inside it looks pretty much like something you would find in a haunted house. What I found most interesting that fit with the theme was Scarecrow himself. I have say that his little “events” were pretty kick ass scary at some points. But hey that is what Batman is suppose to be about. The Darkness, right ? The environment itself is pretty amazing, the guys at Rocksteady really made the island look like a fortress Asylum. As for the character they are pretty well acted and portrayed within the game. My two favorite characters are probably Scarecrow and Killer Croc. They just look so badass in the game, though at one point of the game it look like Croc ate Scarecrow, and I laughing with my mouth wide open like and idiot. What surprised me though was that they put the Riddler in the game, but he was just there for finding his “trophies” which are hinted with riddles, haha…I found Oracle to be an interesting pick as a back up character, and not Alfred which would be pretty awesome. I mean it would have been nice to see one of Batman’s companions like Batgirl or Robin. But that’s just me.

This isn’t my game.

The gameplay itself is really entertaining. It completely fits the theme, that is Batman. Throughout the game, you of course play Batman, you can pretty much do most of the things Batman can like grapple swing, bat glide, hang upside down, and many more. The players also have access to most of Batman’s tools like the symbolic batarang or as I said above his grappling hook, though there are other tools to take notice like the heat vision goggles and the C4 foam dispenser. Combat itself I have to say is really fluid, it captures the essence of how batman would really fight, though at some points I don not think he leap half way across the room to kick someone, but who knows. The combat system also comes with a combo multiplier, which means the higher the combo the more experience points you get after defeating a group of enemies. The leveling system is not all that complex, but it basically allows you to upgrade Batman’s suit and his other gadgets. An example is that instead of throwing one batarang, he can throw two or three, but there’s a cooldown. The shining part of the combat system I have to say is when you play like batman, i.e. stealth around like a ninja. The stealthing part of the game just pretty much blew me away because it is so much fun. I have spent my share amount of time playing stealth games and this is probably one of best ones. As I said above, Batman can hang upside down on gargoyle statues and then uplift take down the enemies or you can sneak behind them and choke hold them. Then there is the possibilities in setting up trap around the area and taking them all out constantly. There’s just so many possibilities. Stealthing is not necessary, players could always just run in gun hole and take the baddies down if they want, though I recommend stealth for bad guys that have guns. Even Batman cannot dodge a machine gun/s. He ain’t Superman.

For the most part Batman: Arkham Asylum is a very kick ass game and has aged pretty well, so far. So if you want to play something really awesome or just plan love Batman then grab a copy. I also made this blog because the 2nd game is coming out on Tuesday, 10/18/11.

This Time Arkham City!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Alright, so Deus Ex: Human Revolution (DEHR) was a game that came out around the end of august of 2011. I was not going to get it at first because I have not played the past Deus Ex games and that the game looked like it would not interest me as much. I found out I was pretty wrong after I had played it. So on with the plot:

So as you may have noticed if you had watched the trailer the story basically takes place in the year 2027, Detroit. The main character is Adam Jensen who is working at Sarif Industries as a security consultant. He was talking with his close friend and head scientist Megan Reed. When all of a sudden the lab was attacked by a bunch of unknown group of mercenaries that abducted five scientists including Megan. The CEO of the company, David Sarif contacts Adam and tells him to quickly stop them, but during his attempt to save Megan and others he was fatally wounded. When he wakes up he finds that he has been augmented with top grade military equipment, which was something that he was totally against. Augmentation is basically an installation of robotic limbs or organs that help increase the persons abilities, i.e. advanced prosthetic limbs. After months of the attack have past, Adam comes back from recuperation and is ready to his job as the security consultant. So David assigns Adam a mission to stop a bunch of purists that might be playing to steal the typhoon system. Adam stops their plan, and also finds out the group of mercenaries that had attacked Sarif Industries are in fact back in town He tells Sariff about what he had learned and with the help of Francis Pritchard and Faridah Malik he was able to find them. But before he could catch them, one of the mercs stop him, Lawrence Barrett. When Adam defeated Barrett, he told Adam to head to hengsha, China. Pritchard discovered that Sarif Industries security systems was hacked during the attacked that had severely injured Adam, which lead to the easy/unknown infiltration by the mercenaries. The signal originated from Hengsha so Adam and Barret told him to head over there, so he does. While at Hengsha he encounters the Triad to obtain information on the location of the hacker and mercenaries, and usually confronted by Belltower Associates. Adam finds the hacker and learns that Zhao Yu Run, who is the CEO of Tai Yong Medical and Belltower Associates and a rival to Sarif Industries, hired him. Adam heads for Tai Yong and confronts Zhao, but learns that she was only a pawn in all of this and that the legendary Illuminati was involved. She also informs him that the four scientists were alive, but their tracking devices were disabled. Also that the famous news reporter, Eliza Cassan was involved. Adam heads over to the news headquarters located in Montreal. He finds out that Eliza is actually a super advance artificial intelligence computer that is in charge of all the news feed around the world and can manipulate it at will. But before Adam was able to get any more info from her he was interrupted by another mercenary, Yelena Fedorova. After he defeat her he learns that the scientists tracking devices were disabled by a certain doctor residing in Detroit. So Adam heads back to find that Detroit was in a state of crisis, a giant riot has broken out with purist trying to attack Sarif Industries. Adam finds the doctor and learns that he actually did not disable the tracking devices, rather he changed to frequency to a lower different channel. With the help of Pritchard, Adam was able to track down one of the scientist which is back at Hengsha. As he locates the scientist he finds out that the person was dead, and that his augmented parts were spread out given to other people. At the same time Adam helps the Triad get back at the Belltower Associates by bombing their shipping yard. After that event Adam finds a suspicious looking cryogenic chamber and decides to stow away in it. He later on wakes up and ends up on the Omega Ranch, and at the same time his detector activates pinging three locations. He found the three of other four scientists and rescues them. He also learns that Megan was kept in the lower parts of the building working in seclusion. But before he rescues her he was stopped by the leader of the mercenaries, Jaron Namir. After he defeats Jaron he rescues Megan and learns that her work was actually way to fix human DNA so that there would not be any negative feedback from augmentations. Adam when he was a child was experimented on by his parents to be completely fine if he was augmented on. Megan took DNA from Adam and use that to make a serum that would help people from having negative feedback from augments. During the plot there was a point where augments were becoming defe

ctive, so Hugh Darrow father of augmentation recalled all the compatibility chips and wanted all limb clinics to upgrade all the old ones to fix the problem. When Adam was about to leave with Megan, he finds out the upgrade was actually a control switch that made all augumentors psychotic. So Adam heads over to the Panchaea, which is where Hugh Darrow and all CEO scientists were located for their National Science Meeting.  When Adam confronts Hugh he discovers something shocking. Hugh Darrow wanted to destroy all the augments and cause the world to go into chaos. He had made the augments to help people, but later people altered them into weapons and thus wars starts. Darrow had given up on humanity and decides to pretty much destroy it. But Jensen gives him hope and tell him that he was going to stop this madness. When Adam reaches the mainframe of the control switch he finds Zhao connecting herself to it, and she tells him that she will now be able to control all the augmented. Instead the computer takes over her and goes insane. Adam destroys the computer and finally puts a stop to all the chaos. Instead of revealing all that has happened, Adam decides to sweep everything under rug.

Adam Jensen

Megan Reed

Hugh Darrow

Whew long plot. Anyways it was a pretty interesting plot and I feel that there was more meaning to it than it looks. In the beginning of my blog I hope noticed that in the video that there was a reference of Icarus. The greek tale where the father made waxed wings for his son, so that he could fly. When Icarus flew to close to the son his wings melted and he fell to his death. This tale is somewhat relevant to Deus Ex, the reason being is that the father is Hugh Darrow, the creator of augmentation, and his son, the world. The world was so consumed with improving the augments that it did not realize that it was slowly destroying itself. I would also like to point out that the reason that Adam decided to hide what happened because he does not think that

David Sarif

the public will be able to understand what was going on. And that the

chaos will continue on. Even though Adam did not like the augments, he still used them without problems. I think this sort of represents that even though something may look evil, it can still be used for good purposes. The whole purpose of this game I believe represents how technology may become abused in comparison to our world now. Right now, I believe scientists are working on robotic limbs for the disabled, so that they can live normal lives again. Maybe Later on in the future, those robotic limbs will become military weapons like in deus ex. What do you think? Also to note is

that the whole game color theme was orange.

I found the game play to be pretty fun. It is like a first person shooter, but the buttons were kind of different compared to a regular shooter. The game also requires some open mindedness and tactics to solve some combat problems. Then there are the puzzles or hacking which is pretty interesting, though at sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. The hand to hand combat system is

pretty nice because hub disappears and a cinematic cutscene appears. Also other than killing your enemies your are given a choice to knock them out with a choking hold or stun gun. This game just gives you so many possibilities to complete the missions, and makes you want to comeback and do it a different way. I believe that even though the game seems to emphasize on its somewhat rpgness, the first person combat was pretty well developed. So if you are looking for a game that has a good story, role playing elements, first person shooter, and some required thinking. Then I believe you should try Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


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